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These vases are made by placing coloured pieces of glass on top of a round disc of glass which is then fused to melt the layers together.  Once cooled, the fused disc is placed on top of a ring which is suspended by posts above the kiln shelf. The kiln is turned on again and as the glass gets hotter it slowly begins to melt and flow through the central hole in the ring until it eventually hits the shelf below and begins to spread out to form a base.  No two will ever be identical and each base will be unique

All of these vases stand approx. 11cm - 12cm (4.5in) high with an upper rim of approx 12cm (5in)
and would look lovely with 1 - 5 flower stems in, perhaps sweet peas or friesias.

Turquoise drop ring vase with little fishes swimming around the rim  

Price £30 plus p&p


Turquoise with pale pink stripes drop ring vase

Price £30 plus p&p


Fused glass drop ring vase in Shades of turquoise and blue


Fused glass drop ring vase in Turquoise with irridised inclusions and has a flat base stand

Fused glass drop ring vase in Royal blue and irridised glass and with a flat base stand
Available for sale in Chamberlains Gifts, Cartmel

£30 plus p&p